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2017-18 Diary Week 37


Big Kirk Broadfoot is getting a mention this week again after mystic Hippo advised us to back him for first goal scorer at 40/1 for the fourth week running.

It was a happier than normal bus heading home from Hamilton for sure!

Remember kids, when the fun stops, stop, only there seems to be no stopping the Mighty at the moment.

Again with key players missing we toiled a wee bit in the first half, but never looked in any danger.

Boydie’s 128th goal sealed the 2-1 win (we even score their goal as it bounced in spectacularly off Fasan’s back) and sent the 2,505 Killie fans home happy.

Unbelievable in this day and age that we can go to another SPFL team’s ground and have 700 more fans than them…and this for a ‘nothing’ game.

Take a bow the Killie support!

It was also great to see the players at the POTY Dance on Saturday night, and staying to the end partying with the fans.

Don’t give up the day job Jordan!

We are a breath of fresh air in Scottish football, the media clearly don’t like it and are trying their hardest to get Steve Clarke moved to Govan.

Jack Ross has had a bit of success and he’s getting the same treatment as Steve or anyone else that has shown a slight bit of promise.

It’s getting boring now, lazy journalism and tired speculation at its worst.

Killie are embarking on this Project Brave thing next season and we are considering using the Ibrox club as a feeder team.

Well if we are publishing made-up stuff we may as well make it sound believable!

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