AGM Minutes 2015

Kilmarnock Football Club Supporters Association


Minute of AGM

Saturday 6th June 2015

Park Suite, Kilmarnock



James welcomed everyone to the AGM, thanking them for attending.


Previous Minutes

The minutes were considered and adopted by the attendees.

Proposer: Iain Sherry            Seconder: Jim Crawford


Committee Update/Nominations

Jim Thomson has joined the Committee.

Chairman James Morrison has joined the Trust Board.

The past year has seen the following resign their posts:

Lee McLean, Sandy Armour, Stewart Sinclair and Chris Deas.

Particular mention was made of the contribution by previous KFCSA Chairman Sandy Armour.

The Chairman thanked them for their contributions.

Anyone interested in joining the committee was advised to get in contact.



Matt Watson - Webmaster

Proposer: David Sneddon        Seconder: Iain Sherry

Jim Thomson – Committee Member

Proposer: David Sneddon        Seconder: James Morrison

Robert Morton – Committee Member

Proposer: Kevin Scoular        Seconder: Kara Scoular

Sharon Caldwell - Treasurer

Proposer: Jim Crawford        Seconder: Jim Thomson

Iain Sherry – Committee Member

Proposer: John Miller            Seconder: Kevin Scoular

David Sneddon – Vice Chairman

Proposer: John Miller            Seconder: Iain Sherry

James Morrison – Chairman

Proposer: Kevin Scoular        Seconder: David Sneddon


Treasurers Report

The Income & Expenditure was displayed.

The Closing Balance on the Bank Account as at 31st May 2015 is £3886.70

The profit made on the Player of the Year was £2390.17

One auction item is still outstanding.


Supporters Club Memberships

Subscription for the season 2015/16 is now due.

The following paid at the AGM:

Burns 20/20

Ardrossan & Saltcoats


Ayr & Prestwick

Young Kilmarnock


Supporters Clubs Involvement with KFCSA & Meetings

Future Open Meetings – Format & Location

James Morrison (JM) said that going forward the KFCSA were looking to build closer links to the Supporters Clubs ideally with members attending committee meetings on an adhoc basis.

There has been a demise in the Open meetings held by the KFCSA; this was due to lack of support from the club and attendees.

It is the intention of the KFCSA to bring these back and we would like suggestions as to what format the supporters would like to see. The idea of moving the meetings around to a venue linked to the SC was suggested.

Kevin Scoular (KS) – thinks that is a cracking idea, it can be a burden to come to RP for some supporters and variety is good.

Jim McCrindle – this used to be the norm years ago, regularly 30-60 people attended, not all pubs have an area that can take this many people, need to ensure there are facilities

KS – Mauchline Supporters Club, we could arrange an event and look at subsidising buses to encourage attendance

JM – asked what format people would like to see

Andrew Miller (AM) – suggested a quiz night supporters v the players

Jim Mann – thinks the moving around is a good idea, club would make players available, helps the club re-engage with the community and he would attend if he was around

JM – asked for more ideas

KS – mentioned Mauchline again and suggested speaking to the Kadi to see if they will hold first one as they have the facilities.

JM - Meet the manager – are the club doing this? Jim Mann suggested a bi annual meet the manager event, he sees it as an important part of communicating, in Milton Keynes they do it in October and February.

Jim Wilson (JW) – highlighted that the last meet the manager was poorly organised, having to register online, everyone should have been welcome to attend

Robert Morton – agrees with Jim the registering and email thing was a fiasco – there was no acknowledgement made of the registration.

Jim Mann – due to health & safety they need to know how many to expect. He agreed everyone should be welcome. Registering wasn’t important but the numbers were.

JW – felt it was poorly handled – initial invites only to shareholders and season tickets

KS – suggested the MTM should be at the start of the season and before the transfer window. August – would allow club to showcase new players and opportunity to sell season tickets.

Iain Sherry – suggested if there was a pre-season on a Saturday then we could hold MTM after

Jim Mann – confirmed that we will play Fleetwood Town on Saturday 25th July and will look into this

AM – agreed on it being early season

Barry Richmond – going back to the open meetings he suggested that the onus is on the supporters club to decide on the format that they reckon will get there punters in, they can organise and the KFCSA can help arrange players once a date is decided.

Charles Galloway – suggests we alternate them, meeting in the community and then meeting back at the club

James reiterated about the SC coming to meetings



JM – mentioned a new venture Scottish Football Clubs Supporters Association (SFCSA) set up by Paul Goodwin and looked to Barry Richmond for more info

BR – advised that he is not directly involved with it but see no reason why we shouldn’t

JM – brought up alcohol at matches and admitted scenes at firpark scenes might hinder this

BR – SFCSA are the type of organisation that can take that forward

AM – asked what the KFCSA were looking for from potential contributors

JM – monthly meeting, a couple of hours, not mandatory, help arrange POTY, ideas for match day experience which Iain had been working but to be fair it has improved through Nicola.

Jim Mann – has not been directly involved, but it is important, when Partick scored we went quiet it’s important to support team when down

KS – that’s Killie, at the rangers game we were three up and we are still thinking we will be lucky to get a draw

Jim Mann – the fans are the 12th man and we need to keep a positive energy, doesn’t fully understand the problem and is looking for feedback.

Supporter – this is a direct result of previous chairman, apathy and lack of interaction from MJ, Mr Mann need to engage and this will automatically improve

Jim Mann – happy to talk to fans, access to club, players and board will be open if we don’t work together we won’t succeed

RM – agreed with last comment and added it won’t improve overnight but we are going in the right direction

KS- commented on open day in September, fell away to nothing, used to be a big event, need better promotion, beyond the Kilmarnock standard, help the club to reconnect with fans

John Kiltie – re the open day looking to form a committee to advise and provide suggestions

KS – introduced himself to the attendees and his involvement with the incident with the St Johnstone fan last year. Thanked everyone for their support and indicated his interest in joining the committee

JW – re match day experience and the sports bar is it shutting? Will there be an attempt to do something with it? No atmosphere and expensive, thought with the new brewers contract would be more competitive

John Kiltie – advised that on match days you will be allowed to stay in the SB up until 2.55pm, need to get folk in to make it a commercial success

KS – why don’t they rename the SB back to Killie Club and have a relaunch on the open day.

JM – any more issues to be brought up for the KFCSA?


Raffle drawn – winning ticket 73 – Chris Kyle


Meet the Board – Jim Mann/John Kiltie/Richard Cairns

Jim Mann

  • Call me Jim!

  • Each director has a specific role stops everyone getting involved in everything. John Kiltie pretty much here every day, looking under the carpet. Billy Bowie looking at infrastructure we are asset rich and cash poor. Russell looking at commercial stuff and Richard looking at PR and how it affects the fans

  • Appointing a General Manager to run day to day

  • The club has been happening – not run, need to start doing something

  • Andrew Miller/Jim Mann mailbox full of requests that are easy to deal with and when done will make a difference

  • Announcements over the coming weeks

  • More money needs to come in

  • Get local businesses to engage

  • Investing in youth so we can be a selling club

  • Offered and accepted 6 contracts to youth players

  • They have met with Gary they are 16 &17 yr olds so 3 years from now they will be great players and we should be doing this every year.

  • False economy not to invest in the youth contracts

  • Dr David Sykes – setting the players regime. Conditioning and fitness not great here. Players responsible for being fit – Sykes will drive that home.

  • £20k has been spent on fitness and conditioning equipment

  • Scott Robinson signed

  • Keating was disappointing

  • A number of players have passed medicals

  • Choosing players that want to win

  • Assistant Manager – don’t want to rush, have a couple of candidates, experience v fresh/young, decision not expected in next couple of weeks

  • Moffat Stand – looking to build indoor training facility, gym and shop. This will increase our accreditation.

  • Refresh hospitality suites

  • Full season on pitch – now subject to spot checks by SPFL

  • 20000 kids have played on it

  • Players train here

  • Joined 3G pitch committee – us and Hamilton are strongest

  • Celtic Manager praised our pitch

  • Meeting with people who previously didn’t want anything to do with the club – coming back

  • Engaging with the Trust

  • Important to work with the Trust/KFCSA

  • John/Billy/Jim meeting with people

  • Shot down statement that he and board are MJ lackies

  • Every board member has a vote

  • Majority wins

  • Will explain unpopular choices

  • Effective communication

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