AGM Minutes 2016

Saturday 25th June 2015
Park Suite, Rugby Park, Kilmarnock



James Morrison, Iain Sherry, Chris Kyle, Allen Kyle, Robert Morton, Jim Thomson, Kevin Scoular and Sharon Caldwell
Approx. 100 Kilmarnock Fans



Andrew Miller, David Sneddon, Louise Brown, Stuart Little and Irene Brown.



James opened the meeting by welcoming everyone.
Iain read the statement recently published by KFCSA.
James asked attendees if they had any questions regarding the season just past.
No questions were put forward.



No objections or questions regarding the previous minutes.
Proposer: Allen Kyle
Seconder: Andrew Miller



All current members happy to stand. No new members have come forward.
Asked attendees if they were happy with this or did they want to go through each individual nomination. Majority happy to proceed.
James introduces the committee to attendees so they could put names to faces and Jim Thomson highlighted the relationship with the Trust and having a member on each other’s committees.


Committee Member



James Morrison

Allen Kyle

Robert Morton

David Sneddon

Robert Morton

Sharon Caldwell

Sharon Caldwell

James Morrison

Allen Kyle

Iain Sherry

Sharon Caldwell

James Morrison

Robert Morton

Chris Kyle

Jim Thomson

Chris Kyle

Jim Thomson

Sharon Caldwell

Kevin Scoular

David Sneddon Jnr

Robert Morton

Jim Thomson

Sharon Caldwell

David Sneddon Jnr

Allen Kyle

Andrew Miller

Kevin Scoular

Andrew Millar

Kevin Scoular

Chris Kyle


James gave short overview of finances highlighting the successful festive raffle, lack of POTY and the purchase of new camera for improved interviews.


Fees remain at the same price as last year and should be paid to a member of the committee.
Iain had a meeting with the media manager on Tuesday and advised her of season ticket arrangement and she is going to get back to him with regards to this season.
James highlighted that with changing staff members there had been a lack of continuity over the arrangement and we had previously been spoiled with the likes of Anne Clark and Kirsten Callaghan.



Representatives of the Supporters Clubs were asked if they see the benefit of attending KFCSA meetings.
Travel club representative said they found it worthwhile and were happy with the format and liked to see us out and about.
There was a discussion around format – i.e. games night.
Jim advised the attendees that we were reviewing the constitution with a view to having a larger committee involving more representatives from Supporters Clubs.
It was put to attendees the two options:
1.    A two tier committee where we have the executive committee and a 2nd level comprising a representative of a supporters club.
2.    1 committee
The majority voted in favour of one committee.
It was acknowledged that the commitment from the supporters would be required to make this work.

Kevin Scoular – said we need an open meeting at the start of the season.
The kadi got off to a good start hosting the quiz night – we need to build on that.

James Morrison – reiterated that we need supporters’ club involvement in the organisation and also the assistance of the club to provide players.

Iain Sherry – met with the media manager Robyn, asked if the KFCSA could meet with the manager to see what nights suit him and what that will allow us to arrange.

James Morrison – advised that KFCSA had asked that a meet the manager take place at the beginning of last season and it never happened.

Iain Sherry – has spoken to Robyn with regard to this and advised that we should have one before the first league game.

James Morrison – asked attendees if they would support such an event.
Unanimous yes

Alan Mitchell – suggested that we should schedule meeting in advance so that we can put out a timetable.

James Morrison – acknowledged this was a good idea.

Alan Mitchell – said it gave notice – so there would be no excuses from club over lack of attendance, he feels that supporters are an inconvenience to the club.

James Morrison – agreed this had been the case previously and that going forward this was a good idea.





Robert Morton and Kevin Scoular are trying to co-ordinate buses to help save money.
They are trying to put together an email/WhatsApp group
Robert asked the supporters groups to come forward with their contact details and pick up info.

James Morrison – advised we are trying to compose a list of other clubs/pubs that Killie fans would be welcome at when travelling away.

Kevin Scoular – Hearts and Inverness were the only clubs to respond so far and they are trying to build up contacts.



Attendees were asked to save the date Sat 20th May 2017
The KFCSA/Killie Trust/Young Kilmarnock were planning an event to mark the 20th anniversary of winning the cup.
To be held at the Grand Hall
11 out of 13 players have been contacted
We haven’t been able to track down Tom Brown so if anyone knows how to contact him please let Iain Sherry know.
The response so far has been very positive – even Lekovic is looking to come over from Montenegro.
James said plans were underway to try and secure the Scottish cup for the event.




James advised that the Michael Johnston Q&A would be formed of two parts.
1.    Football matters
2.    Board matters

Asked that people state their name for the minutes.




JM – We have signed a new team this week – is the budget higher or lower than last year?

MJ –
We signed 11 new players on Friday (24th)
This was embarked upon after the play off
Lee had identified players he wished to bring in.
The announcements have just been made now as a courtesy to their existing clubs.
We have 1 or 2 details still to be finalised with the loan players and hopefully there will be no last minute hitches.
With the 11 new players we have being trying to sort out accommodation for them and hopefully that will be resolved soon.
Players no longer required at the club who have time left on their contracts we are trying to negotiate their exits.
Connelly/O’Hara – there was no fee but we get a percentage of any future transfer fees.
Syme – leg injury set him back, he has gone to Partick Thistle and we will get a percentage of any future transfer fee.
McHattie – has gone to re-join Gary Locke at Raith Rovers, we have no further interest and the relationship is permanently finished.
Higginbotham – no interest from other clubs so far
Topi – gone to Dundee Utd and remainder of his contract written off
Balatoni- some interest from down south – possibly permanent or on loan
Carrick – on loan to a Scottish Club
Lee satisfied with his work over the summer
Happy that Addison and McKenzie have resigned
We have 6 permanent signings – 5 on loan signings
Boyd, Magennis, McDonald and Dicker are still under contract and there has been no expression from any other clubs at present.
Slater turned down an improved offer to remain and his agent is currently looking to get him a move down south.
The squad is nearly complete so he may find there is no place for him.

JM – would we be due a development fee for Slater?

MJ - Yes, if it’s an English club then it’s based on how many years he has trained with Killie. Different if it’s a Scottish club it goes to a tribunal.
If we choose to forego a development fee then we would look to get a transfer fee later on

JM – what happened to the money from the play off? Does the league keep the extra money?

MJ – yes they do. For super parachute payment.
We would have gotten 500k followed by 250k had we been relegated.
Automatically relegated get 250k and 150k.
This was the deal made in 2013 to attract the SPL to accept play offs.
Rules were written in favour of the premiership club – 2 leg match rather than a one off cup final type match.
Creates excitement in Championship for top 4 clubs and keeps it relevant all the way to the end of the season.
They can’t save this money – it all has to be paid out.
Hosts keep 15% of gate receipts and the rest is split 50/50

JM – How are season ticket sales?

MJ – slow – launched properly beginning of June. Due to play off and the certainty of which league we were playing in.
In addition the new shirt manufacturers Nike, Just Sport are taking over the shop. That had to wait until the 1st of June to use advertising with the new strip as the contract with Errea ended on the 31st May.
Expecting them to increase with the new signings and a media event is planned for the 30th June where all new players will be present. The team are then heading to Spain until 7th July for pre-season.
Discount on season tickets is due to expire on 30th June.
With the new shop opening it’s likely that the discounted period will be extended along with retaining existing seats.

JM- has the shop employees transferred over to Just Sport?

MJ- the business model is that Just Sport take over the running of the shop.
This is the case at Dundee Utd and Hibs and other clubs down south.
They will sell the Nike brand and their own brand Avec.
The first team will wear Nike and the youth team will wear Avec
Club will get a commission from sales
Club no longer need to buy in stock – this is all dealt with by Just Sport
It’s a catalogued strip that’s just badged up with our logo and sponsor.
Less chance of running out of sizes as stuff can be ordered in.

JM – Top is available for £15 online without the Killie badge.

MJ – If people are buying the strip and selling them as a business, then Just Sport will step in and investigate anyone affecting their sales. No one is entitled to use the Killie badge.

JM – Alan Robertson retired recently so who took over?
MJ – Paul Stephenson – whom Lee Clark personally selected. Previously worked at Huddersfield and can improve what we do with the U20 players. There were some obvious local candidates but thought it fair to let lee exercise his discretion. Will work closely with Paul McDonald.

Another new appointment has been Dr Andrew White – Sports Science department.
He has previously worked at Commonwealth Games, done a lot of work with rugby and Scottish Football Ladies Team. He joins us next week. We spent £20,000 last year on strength and conditioning equipment. We didn’t see the results we were expecting, but there was improvement.

Craig Farbairn – what percentage fee for Syme and O’Hara?
MJ – that information is confidential between club and players. It is a significant percentage as we are looking after the clubs interests.

Paul Stevenson – last year the club did not seem to be responsive when the wheels were falling off when Gary Locke was manager. There were opportunities to have a parting of the ways sooner – give the new manager a better chance.
League Cup – great – thought it would lead to local derbies – doesn’t seem to have turned out that way.

MJ – disappointed with group was hoping for Rangers and Ayr, no disrespect to the other clubs it’s not the fixtures we were hoping for. Expected regions to be localised Ayr and Queen of the South would have been better for us. Maybe it will change going forward. No dialogue or consultation with club we just got the information just before it was announced.
League cup set up and winter break club not told these decisions had been made. Discussion around old firm fixtures some got 4 some got 2 – sporting disadvantage and financial.
It’s a Canadian company that do the fixtures and they are instructed to make fixtures fair. They won’t get changed now.

Gary Locke had a contract in the interim and then we had a chairman. Locke wanted his position confirmed and board decided to give him a permanent position.
There were opportunities to change position – but Locke was given chance to bring in his own players and it became difficult as the results unfolded. Anytime we got to a tipping point the results seemed to change in his favour. Defeat by Hamilton sealed his fate and change was needed. He was entitled to compensation as contract not expired. He wasn’t difficult and a compensation package was agreed and he left on good terms.
Lee’s principal objective was to keep us in the Premiership which he did and now he has brought in his players for this season.

JM – anymore football related questions?

Stuart Murdoch – will any household names be signed?

MJ – No, Lee didn’t bring forward any names like that. His strategy was to bring in young English players who played down south with big clubs. With a good football upbringing. Not keen to look at players from Europe. Wants British – no big names suggested.

Alan Carroll – Mark Connolly I am surprised that he left

MJ – Connolly was a nice guy, ideal central defender and captain. Unfortunately he was set back with his collarbone injury, he came back and wasn’t quite right which was a result of hip problems and was going to be out for the season. Lee wanted to exercise the option in contract to let him go – it was disappointing but a tough football decision.

Jim Thomson – how are season ticket sales? How many are U16? How many actual sales?

MJ – we give out a lot of season tickets. When I introduced the free U16 ticket with adult and it has been repeated over a number of years. Get them young and get them into the habit.

Jim Thomson – so 1500 paying customers?

Alan Mitchell – what are you doing to increase season ticket sales?

MJ – mentioned earlier around delay round new strip contract. There will be ads, leaflets and digital marketing. Hopefully will now increase now that new strip launched and when the players get back they can help promote. Ad trailer will be around the supermarkets. We have employed a new media manager – Robyn Mitchell, who has academic and practical experience and will be managing twitter and Facebook.

MJ thanked Chris Kyle for all his hard work and input since Nicola and Joanne had left and also for his assistance at home and away matches.

Alan Mitchell – will a mailshot be sent out?

MJ – No

??? – What was our average attendance?

MJ – couldn’t say without checking SPL site. We are up with only Motherwell above us. Out with the cities we had best attendances. We have been at the bottom of the league whereas Motherwell have been at the top.

Brian Harkness – the last five years have been in turmoil, change of management, selection of players, contract periods being signed for, who has been running that aspect of the club?

MJ – only person that picks the players is the manager, since I became director I haven’t influenced player appointments. Manager is responsible for playing side. Contracts are down to me – manager says how much they are worth and we start negotiations with agent. If player becomes desirable better to have longer contract. Options are included where the club can terminate. Matthew Kennedy – long term contract but if £200,000 offered we can let him go. We try to keep that out of the contract though and include things like players starts. If they don’t then we can terminate. A relegation option can be included aswell.

Brian Harkness – Steven Smith why is he still on the books?

MJ – manager still regards him as first choice, still a valuable asset to Lee.

Brendan Maguire – previous season ticket holder and I let it lapse. Various others have fallen away too. No one has ever been in contact to try and attract me back. Surely it is easier to retain existing than attract new season ticket holders.
Magennis are we keeping him or have there been offers?

MJ – we would like to keep Magennis but he would like to try down south but there have been no expressions of interests as yet. No one willing to pay transfer fee. Expectation is he will be here for the full season.
Season ticket leaflet went out in the spring. I have stepped back and there have been a number of factors. Joanne, Nicola and Anne left. We have been light on staff.
EMS system – we introduced a new system whereby season tickets can be done online. The software was expensive and we are the first football club to use it as it has previously been used at greyhound and horse racing has had to be adapted for our purposes but marketing isn’t included. Training is required. We have email issues and complaints so we had to wipe our previous database and start again.

??? – Robyn – should we not have gone for someone with more experience?

MJ – Nicola was employed on that basis and that wasn’t a resounding success. We need to give Robyn a chance.

JM – Thanks



Chris Kyle read out the statement provided by David Moran et al
Statement displayed overhead
MJ given a copy of the statement.
JM – not going into specifics – were you surprised at your reception at the AGM??

MJ – yes, this should have been brought up at the 2014 AGM. The debt I got rid of everyone was happy. In March 2015 I voluntarily stood down as chairman.
March 2014 shareholding split between the club and the hotel.

MJ went over the board changes. Him now as Secretary and board member. The 6 man board. None of these issues raised.

MJ - Surprised at hostility directed at me. There are forces in the background. Felt this should have come up 2 years ago.
If people are unhappy in how the company is run it’s not his fault. The AGM was disappointing, the comments out of place and the conduct poor.
Mr Johnston then confirmed that he was indeed speaking on behalf of the board of directors.
A lady who spoke stated she had supported Mr Johnston but she believes that he needs to leave for fans to reunite for the club to move forward.
MJ stated that he could not leave the football club until 2019 due to the deal with Lloyds
He was asked if he was offered £1 per share would he take it and he said no he could not even if a Chinese billionaire offered him an enormous amount of money.
A poll of fans in the room saw only two persons support Mr Johnston and he was left in no doubt that he was causing a rift with his continued presence at the club.
MJ also stated he did not wish to see an EGM of a vote of no confidence in him as he wanted fans to unite and back Lee Clark and the team and such an EGM will have an adverse affect on the team

JM – sadly despite your service to club you are still seen to be an unpopular and divisive figure

MJ – had to be when took over as chairman. When Moffats wanted to leave – their family was criticised. They could have let the bank take over when there was £13m debt and it could have led to an insolvency event.
I thought I could take over and make things work and protect the 200 employees.
I was vetted to see if I was capable of looking after the club.
87% shareholding was transferred to me.
Sale for £1 is nonsense – there were complex legal agreements
Took undertaking to protect the Moffat's interests.

The Meeting was then closed.

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