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2017-18 Diary Week 10


It is crunch time at Rugby Park with more potential managers getting interviewed than turn up on a Saturday these days.

The board are quite right to be going through a formal vetting process because internal promotion only tends to work when the outgoing manager was successful and we've not had that for a wee while.

The usual suspects have all thrown their hats in the ring and credit to board for being proactive and approaching some top names who they thought might be a good fit.

The bookies are quoting all and sundry so we ran a poll on Killie Kickback and social media to see who the fans fancy among the front runners.

Nearly 900 fans voted and poor old Gus only got one vote so I don’t see him being a popular appointment he's still in a job anyway.

Next up was Jim McIntyre with 6.89% of the vote, Gary Holt on 8.36% and big Mixu trailed in second favourite with 13.67%.

Currits seems more popular as an assistant boss, but we don't pick them, the new manager will; I don't think fans want to see Holt get the job just now as we are in such a precarious position.

The most popular by a country mile was surprise contender Steve Clarke on 70.9%, I’m happy with the fact we’re even talking to someone of his calibre!

Of course by the time you read this we may know already. One thing is for sure, whoever gets the nod we will have to back them 100%.

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